A Message from our Music Director:

A couple of years ago, a newspaper reporter asked me to describe my philosophy of music-making in 75 words or less.  I found the assignment terrifying:  how could I condense such big ideas into so small a space?  Eventually, I came up with this:  "Through music, we explore every facet of our humanity, because music is a uniquely human activity.  It reconciles the contradictory aspects of human nature:  reason and emotion, introspection and communication, conflict and resolution.  Above all, music is joyful.  Everything about it—the way we study it, the way we practice it, the way we present it, and the way we perform it—must be joyful."

Looking back, I think I really only needed that one word:  joyful.  I'd like to think that this is at the heart of everything we do--it's certainly the way I like to go about things.

If you were to drop in on a rehearsal of the Mount Desert Summer Chorale (or better yet, come to sing with us or come to a concert), I think you would sense that joy immediately.  The members enjoy being with one another, they enjoy the sound they make as a choir, they enjoy refining and perfecting what they sing, and above all, all of us love sharing it with one another and with the audience.

As you get to know us by exploring our website, I hope that joy comes through and that you find it infectious!  Come and join us.  Become a singer, become a supporter, or become an audience member.  You will be happy you did--and so will we.

David Schildkret

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